Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Do You Work This Thing? And Why Would You Want To, Anyway?

This is my first personal expedition into the blogging world. So, forgive me if it’s a slow start. I consider myself relatively tech-savvy, but I know nothing about HTML, page layout, or any of the other technical aspects of this type of endeavour. I expect I will learn some of this as I move along here. Kind of like life.

Oh! The vanity! (here begins the part of the program where I shall deny and dismiss as irrelevant the very thing I intend to do) There’s some part of me that feels exceedingly sheepish about creating a blog. Above, I already ask forgiveness from a visitor – any visitor – for technical hiccups that may occur. For shame... The egotistical presumption that anyone should have any interest whatsoever in anything I have to say is simply scandalous. But here I am... And that’s the thing. I bump into loads of blogs that I find interesting and/or entertaining. Heck, occasionally I even learn something. So, yes, perhaps there’s a little vanity occurring here, but there’s also a desire to entertain and inform and communicate. We shall see…

The other part of this is that I’ve let many things lapse in the last few years, not the least of which is my writing. I graduated with a creative writing degree in ’07 (late bloomer…), and promptly moved to Maine. It took two months to find work (the longest I’d been unemployed since I was eighteen), and during that time, I was fairly vigilant in keeping up with writing and sending pieces to literary magazines, etc. After starting work again, the writing went into a slow decline. I haven’t written anything since last fall, and that was an unsuccessful attempt at memoir for a friend’s anthology project. I’m hoping that a little regular practice might get this creaky machine moving once again.

What will I write about; what is the focus here? Good question. I don’t rightly know at this point. I’m interested in many things. I think a lot about politics, science, philosophy, and religion. How do these things affect my existence? I currently live in a state that has recently juggled with the topic of human equality - with deeply troubling results. These are the types of things that concern me, and I suspect related items will show up in the blank spaces on these pages. On the lighter side, I’m working on rekindling my passion for cooking (another lapsed item), so we might find here some items on food. Maybe pictures! Maybe recipes! Music, books, art, work, life, life, life, and life. Some or all of those things, I reckon, will appear.

So welcome! You and I shall move through this experiment together. I hope it will bring fruitful results to all. If you are compelled to say something, please do, the comments are open.

There it is, then.

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