Friday, April 9, 2010

Tea Party?

My take on what they must be thinking:
Amerka. I tell you what, I shore wish nothing would change. Ever. I wish things were EXACTLY the way they were at the moment the Constitution was signed. It’s really a damn shame ‘bout the slavery thing going away. I also miss smallpox. Too bad about all them paved roads. And why do they have to plow ‘em in the winter? And clean drinking water too – what a waste of money! I shore wish I could pee, poop, and puke in a outhouse ‘stead of a warm bathroom. Stupid wastewater treatment plants and sewer mains have rooned everything. Bummer about the CDC, USDA, FDA, FAA, FCC, USPS, Social Security, Medicare, the armed forces, etc. Damn socialist organizations. Shore wish there wasn’t any stupid groups like the state police or the local police or the fire department. Wish I HAD to wear six-shooters when I walked out the damn door every day. And damn that pesky public transport and rail system. Who needs it – any of it?! Oh, for the days of yore…
So, by way of simple, snarky illustration, the above is what I think when I hear people scream, “No more taxes!” or, “Down with government!” And that, ostensibly, is what the complaint is, isn’t it? We’re taxed too much? My question to those that wish to reduce or remove taxation is, “What services are you willing to do without?” Pick anything from the above paragraph, as all those services and agencies are – at least in part – funded by our tax dollars. I’m not really willing to give up any of those items at this point. Now, I happily admit that our government isn’t perfect and that our tax dollars can and should be managed in a more efficient manner. So, let’s concentrate on that. Do I have the answer? No. I’m not that smart. I am, however, smart enough to realize what effect the government and the government’s use of my tax dollars has on my life.

And please, you Tea Partier folks, stop using “Tea Party” as the brand for your movement! It’s simply a misnomer. Your actions and words take away any of the nobility of purpose I assume you supposed the name would convey. The term “Tea Party” references a series of events culminating in a revolt against the Tea Act 1773, a tax applied to the American Colonies by the British. In short, this is the, “Taxation without representation” beef the Colonists had. Well, hate to break it to you, but we now have representation, so why you should appropriate the name – other than to add some ersatz dignity to your cause – is beyond me.

But taxation isn’t the only issue, is it?

What they’re actually thinking (a post by an acquaintance of mine, who in all other respects seems like a nice fellow – spelling and emphasis his):
We MUST NEVER AS A NATION stop supporting Israel . But with the bunch of Changers we have in office now and a President with a Muslin back ground I think we are in TROUBLE . I know some people say he's not Muslin but he has a Muslin name. People must WAKE UP and smell the Roses, It not going to be to nice in this country when we are bankrupt and no jobs. That is the Big CHANGE. Then we will have no more USA and we have One World Government. Then all the people that have sacrifice for America so we can have FREEDOM will have been wasted. Lest people not forget that we have our Freedom because of Blood spilled on the battlefield. Well that my 2c I could write a book but lets stop here.
Ah, the truth comes out. Simple bigotry. I can reason with someone who’s against taxation. I can’t don't know how to reason with someone who thinks like this.

On the lighter (yet still disturbing) side:

Teabonics.  Enough said.

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  1. I'm just shocked, and I shouldn't be, but really...that last little bit from your acquaintance...
    That is why this whole bowelMovement is so scary. People have NO idea what in the hell they are talking about! He could write a book about it? About W H A T ?
    How hateful and afraid he is?

    I love the breakdown of what the Tea Party actually was.
    It's frustrating because I think a lot of Amerkans are telling other Amerkans that they should join the Tea Party because - they're against the Muslims! And that's all it takes. Fear. Ignorance. Laziness.

    Excellent Read.